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Xavier Nazario Biography

Xavier Nazario
Regional Director, Employer Engagement

North Bay and East Bay Regions


Xavier Nazario is excited to join the Doing What Matters Team as one of the new Regional Directors of Employer Engagement for Business and Entrepreneurship in the SF Bay Area. His professional career over the past 14 years has revolved around education. Before entering the industry, he attended Santa Clara University as a first-generation college student and in 2005, he graduated with degrees in Business Management and Philosophy.

Nazario recently left a leadership role at the University of San Francisco where he served as Director for the Santa Rosa Campus. This is also where he earned a Master of Public Administration from USF’s School of Business. While in this director role, Xavier developed partnerships with many local businesses and organizations by executing an initiative to allow them to use his campus during the day, free of charge, for professional development, executive retreats, and other community-based meetings. He began to understand the workforce needs of these small businesses during conversations with the various owners. As a local leader, Nazario is active in his community. He participated in Leadership Santa Rosa and currently serves on the Community Advisory Board for the City of Santa Rosa. Xavier was recently recognized by both USF and the City of Santa Rosa for his post-fire response efforts.

Three years ago, Nazario was introduced to the wonderful world of community college teaching and was given the opportunity to teach business and management courses at Santa Rosa Junior College. He instantly identified a passion for helping his students connect current business events and personal experiences to theories that they were learning in the classroom

Nazario’s goal in his new role is to make the greatest impact possible by implementing programs and developing innovative partnerships that help students in the region achieve livable wages so they can enjoy a better quality of life. Xavier is eager to meet with business faculty, deans, counselors and industry leaders in the Bay Area to identify their priorities so he can help ‘connect the dots’ and develop relationships that will turn this goal into reality.

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