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ELI ICE House Training – The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This fall, 30 educators attended the ELI ICT House Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Training at the Historical Mission Inn and Day Spa in downtown Riverside. Participants came from all over Southern California to learn about the entrepreneurial mindset. The group was made up of Regional Directors, high school teachers, community college Deans and community college faculty. Lisa Kiplinger-Kennedy, Regional Director of Employer Engagement for Business and Entrepreneurship for the Inland Empire/Desert Region hosted the event, through the Strong Workforce Program.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certification prepares participants to implement Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs in their classroom, organizations, and communities. This interactive 3-day training engaged participants in the Ice House Philosophy, Ice House Opportunity Discovery Process, and the key constructs behind the eight life lessons of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs. Upon successful completion of the certification training, participants receive an Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Certificate qualifying them to facilitate any of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs.


Attendees explored topics such as developing a compelling goal, growth mindset, intrinsic motivation and resiliency.  “We also did group work where we identified a problem, interviewed strangers to help solve our problem and developed an action plan to achieve our compelling goal,” said Kiplinger-Kennedy.


On the second day, participants were joined by two Inland Empire entrepreneurs to hear their success stories. Nathan Greenberg is the founder of Arkside Marketing in Riverside and Justin Hudson is the founder of 1loveIE clothing and apparel dedicated to promoting the Inland Empire, with stores at Victoria Gardens and The Tyler Mall.


“It was great to learn how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to my sector work as well as my personal life goals,” said Kiplinger-Kennedy.


When asked about great take-away moments from the training, Susanne Mata, Regional Director of ICT/Digital Media shared, “The mindset is applicable to everyone, both personally and professionally (even non-entrepreneurs). It gave me useful tips for talking with people, for example my son and/or students, asking, ‘What is your compelling goal?’ or ‘What is a problem you would like to solve?’ and then help them figure out how that can be connected with their educational journey.”


The certified trainers are now able to implement the new Entrepreneurship Certificate  Program throughout the regional colleges focusing on the Entrepreneurial Mindset which states ‘It is my responsibility to figure out how to make myself useful to others, and by doing so, I can empower myself.’


The trainers were Gary Schoeniger and Rob Herndon of the ELI Learning Initiative. More information can be found at


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