Leveraging the Power of Collaboration: Interregional OC + LA Business and Entrepreneurship

By Dr. Cathleen Greiner, Business and Entrepreneurship Regional Director, Orange County

Regional Directors Judy Fox (LA) and Dr. Cathleen Greiner (OC) implemented an uber-region response initiative, supporting just-in-time offerings and implementing the Power Session Series. The focus is on:

  • Workforce Imperative in the Age of C19 being Student Success and Faculty Support.
  • Targeted Mission-Critical Skills Development based on survey and feedback from OC and LA employers in summer and fall 2020 (Power Session Series).

  • Responsive Employer Engagement in LA and OCwith mission based on the breadth of the economic and employment crisis in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. The tagline vision is that the new leadership imperative is harnessing and supporting the “entrepreneurial mindset.”

Action and outreach are well underway, with these actions completed:

  • Two separate trainings (November and December) – Entrepreneurial Mindset and Lean Model Canvas Training for Faculty with Classroom Kits mailed to participants to show how the tool can be used in absence of technology (reducing technology barriers); Collaboration between OCLA and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).
  • Power Session Series – Industry and Education: The Essential Collaboration. This training was in partnership with ExPrep and consisted of four (4) separate sessions for high school and community college business and accounting faculty and students in Microsoft Excel. Across many industries, Microsoft Excel was identified as a top skill needed for success in business. Regional advisories for the Accounting industry put this at the top of the “must-have” skills list. There were (2) Beginner Trainings and (2) Intermediate trainings held.
  • CitiBank Citi Ventures Initiative providing classroom to Capstone projects offering potential internship and employment opportunities; availability for statewide participation.
  • Partnership with America’s Job Center of California, Rancho Dominguez in establishing an Intern with Entrepreneurs Program where qualifying participants can earn $15/hour for up to 280 hours interning for select entrepreneurial employers. Launched December 2020. Eleven interns have been placed thus far.

Spring 2021 priorities include Reflections on Business Disruption, Change, and Emerging Signposts: COVID-19 Reality Check, Scenarios-based Planning in the Age of CV-19 (February 19th, 2021, 9:30 to 11:30) and targeted skills-based webinars, including Excel and a job fair convening.